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Custom Project! Make Your Own Diamond Painting
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  • Lifetime Diamond Spill Insurance

  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

30x40cm - 12x16in40x50cm - 16x20in50x70cm - 20x28in60x80cm - 24x31in70x90cm - 28x35in80x100cm - 31x39in80x120cm - 31x47in
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Free Photo Enhancements 

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Shadows and Lighting

Let our imaging experts enhance your photo by adjusting the brightness and contrast for a more polished result.

Cropping and Framing

We can ensure that the subject of your photo is the main focus by carefully cropping and framing it.*

Color Optimization

Improve the overall look of your photo with our manual color optimization service, which removes odd tints and increases richness.

*We may make slight adjustments to the size you have chosen in order to fit your picture, but rest assured that you will never receive a size smaller than what you paid for. In fact, if we need to make any changes to the size, we will always upgrade it to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you would like us to print the picture in the exact size you have chosen, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We bring a sparkle of joy to our customers

At MyCraftClub, we strive to bring happiness to our customers through the magic of custom diamond paintings. Our diamond paintings allow our customers to personalize their homes with a unique and beautiful piece of artwork. Each painting is carefully crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for years to come. Our team of dedicated artists and customer service representatives are always available to help customers every step of the way, from selecting the perfect design to ensuring a smooth and stress-free ordering process. 

Why choose MyCraftClub?

  • Fast & Insured shipping

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  • Free Photo Enhancements 

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  • Extra ingredient: LOVE

  • Slow & costly shipping

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What Does My Kit Include?

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Lifetime Diamond Spill Insurance

  • Diamonds in Labeled Zip Bags

  • Crease-Free Canvas

  • Funnel Tray for Diamonds

  • Applicator Pen with Grip

  • Multi-placer Attachment

  • Precision Tweezers

  • Pink Wax (x2)

  • Instruction Sheet with Color Chart

How to Paint with Diamonds

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 1959 reviews
Audrey Behlow

Just ordered kit six and seven from MyCraftClub. Love how they can make a canvas out of personalized photos. Kits come with plenty of diamonds and accessories to complete the artwork. :o)

Linnea McC.

I am still somewhat speechless over the amazing details of the canvas they created for me of my dearly beloved kitty that passed away suddenly and quite unexpectedly last Summer. It brings me great joy and also tears to my eyes of how very detailed the technicians made this canvas and kit up. There are twelve different colors in his right eye alone! I mean seriously what Company goes to that amount of detail? They also included his whiskers, tiny hairs of his chin and jaw, and the peachy coloring around his mouth. His nose is perfection! The entire canvas I feel could be hung on my wall as is now without even working it up, simply astounding artwork from my photo. I can only recommend My Craft Club quite highly, the absolute best experience I’ve had with a custom order.

Linnea McC.

I do not even know where to begin with giving an excellent review of the kit I had custom made for me. I sent a photo, chose my size (40cm x 50cm), received confirmation, and 5 business days later it shipped. I will say these custom, the ready made kits, and accessories are manufactured in and shipped from China despite the Company showing their location as Sheridan, WY. I only share that to allow for proper timing of ordering for others. Back to my review of my kit here….it arrived fairly quickly and in good condition. The box was a bit beat up while contents are all in excellent condition. Upon opening the box I removed the canvas to inspect it and lo and behold the canvas is indeed poured glue! The symbols are easy to read. The diamond drills are packaged in little zip lock baggies which is outstanding in my book! The tool kit included has drill pen (size is a bit to be desired) however, green pan for drills (no pour spout on it), pink wax, and tweezers. Everything you need to start diamond painting. The quality of the toolkit is meh to me, however, I’ve been doing it long enough now I have high quality custom drill pens and adhesives I prefer over these run of the mill mass produced beginner tools. I’m a self-professed tool snob, HA! Back to the canvas itself real quick here. The poured glue canvas is absolutely the perfect stickiness. The canvas itself is soft and supple with a velvety back. Right up there in quality with the large DP Companies in the USA, not mentioning names. I’m certain Y’all know who I am referring to there.

With the shipping taking a bit longer due to where they’re shipped from I would recommend on larger kits to order 100 days prior to when you need to gift it finished to recipient. If ordering to gift someone a custom kit to make themselves I would order at least one month before needed just to be on the safe side.

In the end I highly recommend this Company for your custom DP kit needs. I’ve already ordered the stretcher bars from them for when I have this finished! Thinking about my next custom kit to have created for me.

Ava Onder

i've done two custom diamond paintings from mycraftclub, and i've just ordered my third. customer service is great and symbols are very clear! the only complaint i have is that certain colors had a lot of trash drills(drills that are misshapen), specifically colors with a lot of diamonds, but it really isn't a big deal to me. i also ran out of one color, but i think that was mostly my fault as i dropped a lot of drills! i simplyordered more and they got to me quickly. the painting itself usually arrives in about three weeks. i have attached a photo of one of my completed paintings, a 50x50 album cover!

Amanda Tune

I found this company through a tik tok and I finally took the plunge to order one that was a custom order, the hardest part choosing the picture and size. I already have two more in my cart as my husband and mom is now into Diamond painting. The quality is absolutely amazing I just got it in so I’ll be excited to start it soon. I added photos the custom one is my husband and I and the cow is from Amazon. I ordered 18x24 so be prepared.